23 Yoga Styles Every Yoga Lover Should Know

Yoga has upgraded itself from just being a mere form of exercise to enjoy physical benefits to a wholesome way of transforming oneself, both physically and spiritually. And this has resulted in the rise of various styles of yoga. From the simple Hatha yoga to Hot Yoga and Anti-gravity yoga, you name it, you have it. While all the yoga styles are based on a set of yoga asanas, each style has its own list of benefits. Take a short journey into the world of various yoga styles and the benefits each one renders right here!

23 Yoga Styles Every Yoga Lover Should Know

It is ideally called as the basic yoga. A simple, slow paced style, it lacks flow between the poses. This is ideal for those who want to start practicing yoga. It is more like a class on stretching exercises that focus more on your breathing pattern combined with assorted meditation forms. So, if your objective is complete relaxation while exercising, this could be your style.
A synchronized breathing pattern with Surya Namaskar pose as the base, Vinyasa yoga involves a fast pace and vigorous movements when compared to Hatha yoga. Plus, this style involves continuous flow of movements without breaks. Breathing plays a major role in this style, and you have to inhale and/or exhale according to the flow and poses.

A simple example for a Vinyasa yoga pose is the Cat Cow pose, where you arch your back towards the floor and ceiling alternatively, while breathing accordingly. Expect a lot of movements and stretching from this style but, mostly Surya Namaskar ones do not require much stretching. Power Yoga and Ashtanga yoga use this form as their base. This is for those who love diversity when it comes to exercising. Source

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