6 Stretches for Tight Hip Flexors

Shakira said ‘Hips don’t lie’. Talking about hips, they are probably the first part of our body to get bloated. The Hip flexor is an important muscle group, which helps move the knees to the chest and the legs front to back and sideways. As many people sit on workstations all day, the hip flexors can become tight and stiff. So, how do we make them supple and trim again?

6 Stretches for Tight Hip Flexors

This is where the hip flexor stretches come to the rescue! These stretches help loosen the hip flexors and improve their flexibility. So, want to know the different types of hip flexors? Then give the following lines a read!

Hip Flexor Stretches – 6 Types:

1. The Standing Hip Hinge
2. The Camel Yoga Pose
3. The Garland Pose
4. The Reclined Bound Angle Pose
5. The Perfect Pose
6. Downward Facing Frog Exercise

Credit : Style Craze

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