5 Things I Learned Trying Aerial Yoga

For whatever reason, I imagined the silks feeling slightly boingy. You know, you flop over the silk, rag doll style, and the thing comfortably cradles your body. Not the case. This fabric, while very soft, doesn't give at all. So while this pose looks very impressive, I was thinking owww... my hips! But I smiled through the pain.

5 Things I Learned Trying Aerial Yoga

Our instructor gave us a few options for padding out hips (towel, blanket, yoga mat), which helped immensely. She assured us that the more you practice aerial, the less it hurts.

I'd compare it to riding a bike: your butt/crotch kills you after that first ride of the season, but eventually your body toughens up and the pain goes away.

Credit : Hey Eleanor

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