Weight Loss Detox Tea 14 Day Ultimate Pack

Weight Loss Detox Tea 14 Day Ultimate Pack

This contains
  • The 14 Day Detox (Morning and Night) Packs
  • The BoostMe Energy tea
  • The Sports Glass Bottle Tea Infuser.
  • a Free Lemon Tea Strainer

  • Everything you need for your 14 Day Ultimate Detox. 
  • The 14 day Detox program consist of 2 packs and has been formulated to help your body 'Cleanse' during the day
  • and 'Detox' during the night. The Morning Cleanser is a blend of herbs and teas formulated to help you detoxify and
  • cleanse your body during the day. Consists of herbs such as dandelion and red clover to aid in the detoxification and
  • ginger which is great for killing germs and cleansing the body. A little minty easy to drink. Great for daily detox. 
  • The Night Detox is a blend of herbs and teas formulated to assist your body detoxify during the night, burn fat and a
  • gentle and natural colon cleansing. Contains Gracinia Cambogia to also help you burn unwanted fat. It also promotes
  • Liver health and supports kidney and skin health and function. These are also major detoxifying organs of the body.
  • Ingredients in the tea aid immune function as well. The tea serves as a general tonic, enhancing general body wellness.
  • Enjoy a spicy fruity cup of warm tea in the morning and one before going to sleep at night. Sleep well while your body
  • detoxifies and restores itself. The gentle herbs in Sleep Detox support elimination and restore balance. Source

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