19 Core Exercises For A Tummy Makeover


After kids and daily stress, you may have let your gut go. Fret no more — you still have time to transform that core from flabby to flat with our flat abs makeover. Incorporate these 19 core-sculpting moves into your fitness routine while coupling it with a clean diet and watch your chiseled midsection emerge.

1. Stability Ball V-Pass: This is a surefire way to trigger your core muscles with an added glutes and hamstrings bonus. This is a crunch made fun with the ball pass element. Get details on this move here.

stability ball v-pass

2. Side Plank Thread the Needle: Engage your entire core in plank mode with an added emphasis on the love handles with this side plank with movement. Use weights, a water bottle or even can of food for added strength training. No equipment (excuses) needed! Learn this move here. For watching video and for keep reading this topic just click on the source button: Source 


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